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Bellydance is a traditional dance from Middle East or Arabian countries, with its long history, we can called Bellydance as Middle Eastern Dance, Egyptian Dance, Raks Sharqi, Oriental Dance or Arabic Dance. A dancing art that shows its feminine, in term of sweet, gentle, beautiful but strong is an uniqueness. Most of bellydance style will separate in small muscles and work out to control on each muscle separately (hips, shoulders, belly, and etc.) Some part of bellydance style is a bit similar to jazz, ballet, but bellydance is more concentrated with smaller muscles. Bellydance is an exercise that focused on partial movement but all body is work out so you will get firmer and stronger upper arms, hips, shoulders, upper legs and etc. In other word, you will get shaped body. Apart from being strong of your body, bellydance affects your in-body system, such as Cardio, belly dance stimulate your cardiac system, which affects to efficient blood circulation, Digestive system, Respiratory system, Excretory system. Moreover, for female, uterus and innards’ hormone producer is very important, the correctly dancing will not only make your body hurt, but also a good exercise for innards. As most of the bellydance’s choreographies focus on belly exercise, it is the best way of exercise in belly area (You should eat before class at least 1-2 hours) Bellydance is an appropriate exercise for everyone, or even patient with low back and joints pain can join dancing as the basic and most of choreography of bellydance is about a movement of each small muscle and it can support our body weight so it will not hurt anyone. Level 1 class will be very simple, students with no dancing background can easily join. But for those students, who have been in belly danceclass for a while, will recognize the way to use their own muscles, and can move to attend Level 2 class to enhance the effectiveness and strength of their muscles. Level 3 will help students to work with more complexity. Moreover, some students who would like to dance with a whole song need to attend Cheoreography class, which students are required  to have some background in bellydance in order to prevent injury and confusion in dancing.

What we teach each level:

Level 1:

  • Posture of Bellydance
  • Basic arm position
  • Basic hand movement
  • Isolation
  • Shoulder and big hips shimmies
  • Basic walk and touch-step

This class is for:

  • Students who both have and do not have any dance background.

 Level 2:

  • Repeat level 1
  • Bellydance posture
  • Arms and hands movement
  • Undulation and figure8
  • Chu-chu shimmies

This class is for:

  • Students who pass at least Bellydance Level 1 or take Level 1 for at least 2 months

Level 3:

  • Repeat level 1 & 2
  • Bellydance posture
  • Arms and hands movement
  • Travelling step
  • Layering and travelling step

This class is for:

  • Students who pass Bellydance Level  2 or take Level 2 for at least 3 months

What to Wear:

Clothing: Any clothing which can show your body lines and allow you to move freely such as Fitness pants, Legging Shoes: Bare foots, socks or soft shoes *Remarks: Clothes (Tops and Pants) for sale at
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