BELLYDANCE สำหรับเด็ก

Who says Bellydance is only for Adult?!?

Let your kid SHINE by Bellydance       

These are benefits that your kid will get from Bellydance Class

1. Healthy Kid
Bellydance is a cardio exercise. Regular exercise will help strengthen the immune system. It causes less sick and better sleep. Your kid will also have better Digestive system and Excretion system.

2. Better Posture
In Bellydance, we focus on the separation of body parts. Your kid will understand their body and know how to move their own body nicely which will help them to have better posture. Your kid will be active and able to do other activities easily, nicely and shine!

3. Brain muscles trained
Not only belly area that are used for bellydancing, other parts of the body are also moved such as arms, hands, breast, hip, and feet. Combining everything all together allows your kid to practice their brain muscles. This improves your kid’s thinking system and memory.

4. Confidence, Kind and Loving others
In the class, your kid will meet a variety of friends. Talking and playing games together will make your kid practice social skills. This reduce shyness, learn how to love, be willing to help others and confident.

5. Beautiful Dressing BellySister Studio, we have a lot of performance activities. So your kid will often have the opportunity to dress up pretty. Up to this point, our kid students are very happy and excited.

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