BellySister Studio is founded by Nutnicha (Luknutt) and Gift (Rongrorng). They are well-known professional bellydance artists in Thailand.

People first know BellySister as Professional Bellydance Duet from Thailand which teach and perform in Thailand and in various countries. Then they opened BellySister Studio to train and teach bellydance techniques to interested people in terms of exercise or professional dancer.

BellySister style of teaching is focused on friendly and having happiness along with the music in the class. They teach slowly, step by step, but full of detail for students to understand easily and to be able to do the real bellydance.

BellySister performance style is focused on audience’s engagement and entertainment. BellySister creates beautiful and gentle Middle-Eastern performance for audiences’ entertainment.  There are various style of bellydance, however, they choose to perform on Oriental style with Egyptian technique. Their style is to express feminine essence and shows their sweet and gentle, but strong in another side.

Nutnicha and Gift do not only teach and perform in Thailand, but also got invitations to teach, perform and be judges at many international events in Many Countries such as Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.

For example;

  • Oriental Night 2019 (SP, Malaysia)
  • Malaysia World Oriental Dance Arts Festival 2018 (KL, Malaysia)
  • Raqs Oriental Pattaya 2018 (Thailand)
  • Bellydance Tour 2018 (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto)
  • Raqs Oriental Formosa 2017 (Taiwan)
  • Let’s Dance for Love 2016 (SP, Malaysia)
  • A Night of Orient Show 2016 (Singapore)
  • Oriental Dance Night 2016 (Kuching, Malaysia)
  • Top Star Tour 2016 (Xiamen, China)
  • Bellydance in Japan 2015 (Tokyo, Kobe, Okayama)
  • Bellydance China 2015 (Shanghai, China)
  • Bellydance Asia 2013-2014-2015-2016 (KL, Malaysia)
  • Bellydance Raks by the SEA 2014-2015-2016 (Bali, Phuket, Penang)
  • Partheon 2014 (Singapore)
  • Orietal Nite by Xuannie 2014 (SP, Malaysia)
  • Dancing with the Star 2013 (KL, Malaysia)
  • Singapore Golden Sands Belly Dance Festival 2013 (Singapore)

And More

International Awards

Guaranteed professional show by Champion Winning Prizes from various awards,

  • Bellydance Raks by the SEA in Bali 2014 – Winner
  • Singapore Golden Sands Belly Dance Festival 2013 – Winner
  • Bellydance Evolution 2012
    Nutnicha and Gift are the Winners for the Bellydance Evolution Competition 2012. They were selected to perform in the show with famous bellydancers from United States in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Bellydance Evolution is famous world-class dance show, featuring top artists in the field of Middle Eastern dance and travelling to have performance all over the world. Nutnicha and Gift are the first two bellydancers from Thailand who had the opportunity to join this world bellydance company.

Other Experience

Apart from being famous and wonderful performers, their talented is recognized as guest speakers in many health TV program, magazine, events and beauty institute such as

  • Thai Health Promotion Foundation (สสส.)
  • Slimming Center
  • Romrawin Clinic
  • Phyathai 2 Hospital
  • Samorsorn Sukkapab
  • Sukkapabdee Magazine
  • Kon Su Rok
  • All Style
  • Smart & Beauty
  • and more


Nutnicha Vongdavis

Nutnicha started her dancing talent from ballet when she was 4 years old and further with gymnastic basic. She realized that she is falling love with the show, so she decided to follow her dream by studying at Faculty of Fine Art, Major in Western Dance, Srinakarinwirot University  and she got a 2nd class honor.

Nutnicha focuses on bellydance because she feels its sweet, gentle of feminine but strong. She knows that bellydance is very different from other dancing art. The more she learn other dancing arts, she realized that she loves bellydance more and more.

Nutnicha is not only outstanding in bellydance teacher and dancer, but she also has many recognized performances in stage show, TV show, local and international ads, choreography designer, and acting coach for ads and concert.

Nutnicha worked very hard on bellydance and joined many  workshops with famous master such as Hadia, Jillina, Kaechi, Heather, Sharon, Samantha, Wael Mansour, Shereen, Arialla, Angella, Brancy, Sherlyn, Chrisitne, Kanari and etc.

Teaching Experience

  • Thai Health Promotion Foundation (สสส.)
  • Royal Bangkok Sport Club
  • Phillip Wain Fitness
  • Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel
  • Ballam Yoga Studio

International Awards:

  • Winner Award from Singapore Golden Sands International Belly Dance Festival 2013
  • 2nd runner up from Bellydance Raks by the SEA 2014


Gift (Rongrorng Valansatian)

Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Chulalongkorn University. Even though she has no basic of any other type of dancing art, she was born with dance and performance talent. She started learning bellydance at the same time that she started working her first job. Since then, no one can stop her from dancing bellydance. For Gift, bellydance is much more than only dancing, but it is a life. Bellydance describes story, history and culture. She expresses her own beauty through this dancing art.  Gift loves teaching bellydance. Her heart is full of happiness and being touched every time she sees her students discover their own beauty of feminine, become more confident and express themselves through bellydance. Gift believes training makes better. She put all her efforts on bellydance training with famous bellydance instructors in Thailand such as Apple, Tuk, Jodie (Rumpuree), August (House of Pro). Moreover, she travelled to many oversea countries such as Egypt, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc. and joined classes with many famous and talented bellydance artists and instructors such as Hadia, Mahmound Reda, Madam Raqia Hassan, Yousry Sherif, Khaled Mahmoud, Wael Mansour, Nour & Yasser, Jillina, Kaeshi, Sharon Kihara, Brancy, Sherlyn, Christine, Angella Kim, etc.

 Teaching Experience

  • Thai Health Promotion Foundation (สสส.)
  • GMM Fitness
  • Dhyana yoga
  • Cala Dance Studio
  • Senior Club @ TTM

International Awards:

  • 1st runner up from Bellydance Raks by the SEA 2014
  • 1st runner up from Singapore Golden Sands International Belly Dance Festival 2013

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